How much do those guys in the Maximum Fitness magazines weigh?


For some reason they show guys with 6 pack abs but they don’t never tell about how much these guys weigh. How much do these guys in those Maximum fitness magazines with these 6 pack abs weigh?




Hi !

I don’t know for sure, but I did see a Maximum Fitness magazine where the guy looked liked he weighed at least 300 pounds.

I know this is off subject, but I find it interesting that overly muscular people are considered fit, even though according to the BMI, they are obese.


weight is specific to the individuals height and bone structure. The taller men probably weigh 200 or more lbs. Shorter men probably weigh under 200 lbs.
Weight is not relative to musculature. Six pack abs come with tons of leg lifts for the lower abs and crunches for the upper abs. There is also a exercise to obtain the “V” shape from the rib cage to the hip area. Get a dumbbell which you can handle, lay your shoulders on a bench, leavle you body, hold the dumbbell betwee the thumbs and forfingers of both hands. Lower your arms below your head, at the same time drop your hips down as far as is comfortable (kind of like a stretch) slowly bring the arms up and your hips up at the same time. This causes tension on the abs. It isn’t attractive for females but is effective.

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