What is a good workout and eating plan for getting onto the front cover of a magazine?


I want to be on the front page of a fitness magazine. The problem is, I need to lose 80 lbs of fat. Once I lose my fat, I can be on the cover and spread the gospel of how to achieve a hot and toned body. I can then write an excerpt in my article of how Yahoo! Answers contributors helped me to achieve my goal. How long can one safely lose 80lbs? I am thinking about 7 months.




I think you are nuts. If you have to ask how who would want to buy a magazine with your article?

andrew m

Enlistment in the U. S. Marine Corps. No, I am not a recruiter.

Joyce M

I think if you lose anymore than 5-10 pounds in a month- it only opens the door to gain it back– got to lose it slowly–space yourself out and it will be better in the long run-


good time line! 3 meals a day (keep diet journal if you eat it wright it down) no soda, no junk food,start with a morning work out before you eat ,1 to2 hours after breakfast 2 hours of classes or just awake busy time. Run before lunch start with a mile work up to at least 5 miles lunch and more class /busy time study and dinner study time.
Worked for me and the 200 or so going through basic training at Fort Dix. If you can try to run every wear you go walking not allowed
PS helps to have some big bad DI with rank breath yelling at your every step
I’ll leave out the 4 hours of sleep a night if you need it or not
Good luck with it,If all those guys could do it so can you!!

Proud American

You are joking right?
Goals are great, but you need to be active first and eat right.
If you want to record your results for posterity, fine, but no lasting healthy plan will let you lose 80 pounds in 7 months. Think 3-4 years of solid exercise and healthy eating.
Run 2 miles per day 6 days per week.
Buy a good pair of running shoes and clothes that keep you cool working out.
You might consider a heart rate monitor so you don’t strain your heart with the initial 80 pound excess.

Good Luck and Keep it up.


Once your article appears in the magazine with your picture on the cover I would be delighted to try out your method and lose 80 lb. But I think there is a slight problem. My weight is 100 lb.

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